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As some people will have already noticed you can view user stats by clicking on their username. Now users may also put up some text about themselves by logging in and clicking on the "Profile" link in the sidebar.

For example: me :)

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Very cool! I have found a bug though: If you go to someone's profile when you are logged in, the sidebar where it says "Hello, Chard" or whatever, has the name of the user whose profile your reading instead of your own...
Thanks, fixed.

I'm not sure why the entries list on your profile page is pushed under the sidebar though (in firefox at least).

Bugger it. Site base layout is now done tables to avoid all the hideous layout bogosity. Take that, CSS purists!!! :)
Heehee! I did away with CSS for layout ages ago. At some point I realised that in order to get CSS to do what I wanted, I had to nest divs like a table. And while I'm sure CSS can acheive the same result with only 50 times the effort, practicality beats purity hands down. Maybe if and when CSS 3 comes out this'll all be easier.
I think any purist approach in either direction is bound to fail.
I think any purist approach in either direction is bound to fail.
Not able to register entry :(

I think the "." [period] in my username is breaking the profile script. Type in a name that you know doesn't exists, then type in my name. You get very different results.

Though I'd let you know. Hope I'm not reporting a "feature."

@donal.h fixed

@gizmo_thunder fixed

ROCK! Seeing that DNF is depressing though.
Richard.. i was able to fill in the details for entry registration but i get a error when i do a save. Could you please fix this..
oops, real quick. if my username doesn't have a slash following it, then it throws up a page not found error. Doesn't seem to happen with other people's names. Aren't you glad I picked a name with a . in it?
@donal.h: yeah, the DNF is perhaps a little more harsh than I was hoping. Ideas?

If you find a link to your (or anyone else's) profile on this site that doesn't including the trailing '/' please let me know.

@gizmo_thunder: sorry, try again please :)

Hey Richard, it seems that it does not include the forward-slash on the user-names on the main compo-page, where all the blog entries are...
@RB[0] Well spotted, thanks! :)
The style has a static width - using blueprint is dead simple for positioning stuff (even easier than tables :)

You could call me somewhat of a table hater but I'll admit, until you know the inner quirkings of CSS floating/clearing it can be a pain.
sweet, this is getting a real community page!
Richard, does the profile page not list pyweek 1? It lists that I was in pyweek 2 and DNF (I don't even remember registering for that one...) but doesn't mention pyweek 1. It also correctly lists my pyweek 4 entry.
PyWeek 1 data is not in the database, I'm afraid. Perhaps one day...