Testing adding a new diary entry, post-Django-update. Hi!

Testing editing a diary entry :)

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adding a comment
Hmm, it says there are two replies, but all I see is the first message, which doesn't even have a user-name or team :/
How do you see the comments?
Yay, I figured the Django-magic!
It still doesn't give us a team or a name
john, I presume you mean in comments - that's fixed now too, thanks.
Is the sidebar meant to be on the left?
No, it should be on the right. The stylesheet is probably cached. I moved it there to tweak the page layout so it'd fit on my EEE PC :)
Thats what i meant, umm, next pyweek starts soon right?

Also entry ratings doesn't seem to want to exist. ;)
Next PyWeek will be in March/April. Hmm. I wonder what happened to entry ratings... :)
How long before pyweek do you open registration?
Registration for new users is always opened no earlier than 1 month before the next challenge. This is done to avoid getting too many unused registrations / team creations. The challenge itself is usually created about 2 months out, meaning that existing users of the site may create teams that far out.
Pyweek 4, for existing users was 3 months out
Seems to be a glich on firefox when going to one of your own games' pages with a screenshot - the screenshot overlaps the delete buttons.
Liking the new "games by" button.

There seems to be a glitch though... when trying to access RB[0]'s page I get a lovely error - see http://www.pyweek.org/u/RB%5B0%5D/
Hehe, well, I guess my username may need to change? Is it trying to execute RB[0] that is the problem or something?
@Tiggga: fixed the page layout problem.

Gah, RB[0], what a pain :)

I'm having trouble convincing Django to parse that URL for some reason.

Thanks :)
Hey, just a heads-up, but when I load up this page, I get a similar error page, until I refresh :/
No, that's just a @!#$!@ Django transient @$!##$ error that I can't get any $#!!$ help on.

I'll be rewriting all this in TurboGears after this PyWeek :(

Ah, sorry to here that :/

It wouldn't possibly be because of my username needing to change would it?
BTW, it didn't happen this time ;)
No, it's nothing to do with your login. It happens to random visitors at random times.
Ah, hmm, ok.
Sorry it is being a pest for you ;)
Test test 123