Woody Tigerbaum - thanks!

I want to say thanks to the folks who said kind things in the comments, and the folks who rated the game well.

I also want to thank Richard for all his hard work on PyWeek - round of applause for Richard.

And another specific thanks to Richard, a couple people mentioned in their comments that the color-blindness assistance was a nice idea. Richard gets the credit for that one - he suggested that the original design might be problematic. I'm not sure if the "high contrast" patterns actually are playable with moving marbles, but I'm glad that people appreciated the feature.

I already know of several errors in the game, including getting names wrong in the readme, grammatical and spelling errors in the intro text, and at least a few logic errors having to do with the pause menu. Also, I crammed a lot of content into the game at the last minute, without attempting to make it bandwidth-friendly, so there's improvements to be made there. Also, there are a few features I wanted to get into the game that might have made it a little less annoying at times.

I've already put up a page for the game on http://www.pygame.org (as should you all for your games, go go go). I'll also be collecting my thoughts and providing downloads of newer versions at http://www.bigdicegames.com/PyWeek5/

Thanks again to all - is it too early to start designing "Woody Tigerbaum 3"? :)