I just upload the final version; the only change is the README.txt with a better description of the game and how to play it. If I had more time to improve it I would probably work on the graphics, as well as adding network play. I'll try to do this after pyweek, let's see how it goes.

I would like to thank everyone that tested my game during this week, and also all the people who gave suggestions and feedback; sorry I couldn't implement all of them. The feedback during the week made me feel that this is a really cool group event, not just me running against the clock to write some game.


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Comments doesn't work for me at all..

first I get "ImportError: No module named main" after simply running and then after copying the file to the lib dir, the whole python environment crashes with a runtime error (the usual "unexcepted error.. we don't know nothing" stuff)

my system: win xp (python 2.5 and pygame are installed)

I hope you or anybody else can help me because I'd really like to test this game.
Are you running an exe? If thats the case then it won't work because the included to make them is faulty.
nope, I'm trying to run "" .. :/