feature demo

finally... 9 hours before deadline.. I have all the features programmed which I wanted to implement:

- phone calls (call 12345 for a test)
- website browsing (visit www.somecorp.com)
- email accounts(admin@somecorp.com admin:admin)

Now on to the content!

So you are a detective who has to solve a mysterious case..
You'll get some note of initial info on the pinboard and then you are on your own.
You can check mails if you get your hands on the account infos or you can get some clue from the website of a famous corporation..
And after you got all things together you'll call the police and tell them who you think did "it". From there it's the point of no return and you can only hope that you were right...

I'd also like to mention that it is relative easy to make your own adventure:

You can write phone conversations, design websites and fill email accounts after reading the guidebook.
(the guidebook is not written yet)

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Cool, well done!