New upload

I've just uploaded a new version, with full functionality. I don't know if I'll have time to improve it, since tomorrow is a holiday here in Brazil and I want to go out with my girlfriend. I'll probably add some more token rules on saturday to improve the number of options when creating new rules.

If you played the game and have any suggestions of actions that could be implemented, please drop me a line -- 'cause I've run out of ideas! :)

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Melting. "Move faster". "near". "swim" doesn't parse. "All trees move for a while". "Move to ball". etc.
Wild idea: "All trees near water are blessed", "Anything blessed move fast". Difference to "All trees near water move fast" is that trees once near water but no more near water will still move. Perhaps not too relevant to gameplay.

@sanxiyn: "move faster", "swim" and "near" done. I'll implement the "move to ball" today, shouldn't be hard.

"All trees move for a while" will require a change in the tokenizer, but this is a nice idea! It opens rooms for "Dogs teleport once" or "Trees move forever", which covers your other idea. I'll see if I have time for this. Thanks for the ideas!

perhaps change the 'reset level' key from 'R' to some 'Fn' ? Typing wateR or tRee when missing 'ENTER' to begin editing gives an unwanted reset. Perhaps an audible cue when typing leters and not in console ?