Day 4 is over for me (w/ upload!)

What a day. I tried to use pgu to handle the input on my game, but I couldn't grok it. I ended up hard coding an input function to accept new rules.

I still need to make the computer AI say new rules; for now only the player can add rules. I also need to add more rules, but the system is flexible enough that I can usually add a new token in a couple of minutes.

I also created 5 levels, but I need to improve them for better playability. Nevertheless, after all my effort learning pygame I'm starting to see a game here! :)

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Hey, have you played fluxx?

I'd ask that the input be allowed in any case - I was typing all sorts of stuff in with no effect and realised I was doing it in lower-case ;)

This is a potentially very cool game. I crashed it with "FREEZE BALL".

Singulars should be allowed too - I tried "BALL MOVE" since there's only one.

errg! I so wanted to play this game!

I should probably mention the errors I got.
I am on winXP, a laptop.

First has to do with the skellington, which I've mentioned before, but now I've actually found the problem, when it calls try: __file__, it passes! and then it never gets to sys.path.insert, thus it doesn't find lib :(
that is easily fixed by adding a sys.path.append('lib') outside of the try:except:else group.

second, when main tries to call parser, it finds : <module 'parser' (built-in)>, instead of lib.parser!!!!
it always seems to do that to me, instead of loading the 'correct' parser file.

Third, I changed the name of the parser to gparser, and loaded into min, but now I get a python SegFault.

I don't have time to track down the last bug right now, I have to work on my own game, but just thought I'd let you know.

@richard: the idea is that you have to shout the new rule so that the other player can hear you. :) I fix the input so that BALL MOVE works; currently you'd have to type ALL BALLS MOVE, even though there's only one.

I plan to add feedback from the computer when you enter a new rule, so that you know that you have to input in ALL CAPS, and also if the rule was understood or not.

I never played Fluxx before, but it looks fun! I just bought myself a deck, thanks for the tip!

@RB[0]: thanks for the tips. I'll fix the problems you mentioned, and try to do some testing on a Windows machine tomorrow, so it'll work for you.


Adding these two rules turn the game into a kind of roulette. In Galvinball, balls move to you!

@sanxiyn: I heard that's how they play Galvinball in Russia! ;)