Woody - End of 3rd Full Day

I simultaneously think I've got a lot done, and not very much. And there's a lot remaining, and not very much.

Today, I made a BUNCH of marble art - mostly making stuff, throwing it away, making different stuff, starting over. I now have an icon that I like (no more using the PyWeek4 WTIPD icon!), and I researched actual marbles. Wikipedia's page on marbles isn't as good as I hoped to tell me what an aggie vs a immie vs an alley would look like.

I got most of my intro working - I need to redo my picture of Woody, as he doesn't really fit in with my look. Also, I'm going to have more playable characters, so I want a consistent look through all of them.

The stuff I got done today probably goes a long way towards the game feeling complete, but I still need to hook up the level designs I've written (# balls at a time, the requirements of the crates, etc) to the board constructor. Shouldn't be hard, just have to get around to doing it. There's also some light parsing I need to do to convert level design structs into useful data.

Still haven't put in the color-blind assistance. I feel optimistic that I can do it quickly, though.

Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, I'll have tutorials in.