Woody - End of 2nd full day

I didn't get a whole lot done today, I'm sad to say. I did some minor polishing on the game, including:

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Skellington-11 is py2exe (and py2app) ready...
To a degree. You have to play around quite a bit if you want it working with numpy/PyOpenGL.
ok :(
Richard: I had trouble with Skellington-11 and Py2EXE: it said that it couldn't find main (much less PyOpenGL). I did try to use it, but copying my code and data out into a clean directory to make my EXEs with seemed like the quickest workaround.

As for PyOpenGL, I think I'm still using a hacked version that I have that is Py2EXE friendly. The hack I'm using I posted to the pygame mailing list - it involves circumventing PyOpenGL's load of a version file and hardcoding it instead.

tsmaster: yeah, I just py2exe'd an old game last night and had to do the version hardcoding hack too :(