Twisted Life 0.6.0 done

I've just finished Twisted Life 0.6.0 and it's available for download.

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Dang it's hard. Sometimes it feels like you just can't run fast enough. It also sucks when you start out right by some black.

But hey, any game that uses cellular automata gets a plus from me.
It's easier if you try to just move out of the way of incoming 'life storms' and try to dash in when there's an opening. The static ones (squares, crosshairs, etc.) are easier to dodge. If you are lucky, most of the unpredictable life will die out in about a half minute and it leaves a pretty clear path to the center. Sometimes, you start off beside a 'life storm' that you can't outrun: in that case you're just boned. It's a very creative idea, and I figure you noticed that the game got a lot more challenging when you made everything spiral around the center. I would suggest adding difficulty levels, probably affecting the speed of the life simulation, the abundance, and perhaps some rate of 'regeneration'.