The “The Marty McFly award for promotion of awareness of time travel dangers” Award

Presented by mit-mit to:

Regret, Once again (Jeffs&Kiwi)

Regret, Once Again

Her parents are unhappily married, over the years she saw nothing but violence and misery in this family.

It was clear that the couple regret marrying each other.

One day she was taking a walk again, because her parents are arguing, a mystery person gave her a magical box.

The little decides to go on a time travel mission to prevent this marriage.. but wait, something went wrong!


exe version:

  • run main.exe

src version:

  • have python3 and pygame2 installed, then run
  • to install the latest pygame, run "pip install pygame"

How to Play:

  • use [w], [a], [s], [d] to move around, [k] to interact

Walkthrough Video:

If you run into any bugs, feel free to report them through github or discord(Jeff Yan#0449)!