The “Crime Wave” Award

Presented by gsyhiap to:

Cool Cop - Bad City (OrionDark7)
Cool Cop - Bad City

This is basically a prototype for a game. I didn't want to not submit anything as I think I had done some things well that I liked, so I decided to upload this. I had a lot of unprecedented work this week, so I didn't really get to do as good of a job as I wanted.

That being said, this game clearly isn't the greatest and that's okay. Feel free to give it the harshest score, at this point I'm pretty understanding of why one would give it to me.


  • Python 3+
  • Pygame 2.0+ (maybe 1.9+)
  • PyTMX

There's also a requirements.txt for pip if you'd prefer that.

How to Play

The goal of the game is to solve crimes around the city. You can left-click on buildings to move to them, help them with ongoing crimes, and buy items from them, such as food and gas. Try to keep your food and gas up, because if you don't, you'll do tasks much much slower. If all the buildings are left unattended to, the game is over.

You can also hit F11 to toggle fullscreen. And if you don't like the sounds/music you can hit M to toggle those as well.