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Marooned (mit-mit)
The Spaceship Animalia: On-route to Ursula-Beta-9, a Frontier Science Vessel studying life along the far reaches of the galaxy. In it's cargo are some of the deadliest and most dangerous lifeforms in the known universe.

The Animalia is forced to self-destruct after one of it's more dangerous specimens gets loose: you manage to eject from the ship before it explodes, but find yourself marooned in a nearby asteroid field. As a castaway on a strange asteroid, you'll need to make good use of the debris you can find around you to survive and get you escape pod space-worthy again. Watch out however, as you may not be alone ...

Game Notes:

- Requires pygame, numpy and PyOpenGL.

- I didn't get time to implement a proper save game feature: in lieu of this I've set the game up so that if you die you will return back at the starting location but you keep any of the items you have collected up to that point.

- Encukou picked up on a potentially-game crashing bug: see for a fix if you have issues (happens sometimes when just missing a platform jump)

Game Playthrough:

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