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Cast Away! (MUFL) (mufl)
Banished from a magical party, you find yourself marooned on an island...

MUFL is a code name, so the game won't be lost among all the similarly named entries

After I looked up what exactly "castaway" means, I got to the dictionary entry for "cast".
It turns out you can cast so many different things!
I decided to make a minigame each for a few things you can cast. Give the player options, and let them cast away!
For even more theme, the game takes place on an island with the protagonist as a castaway.
Cast for fish
One obvious thing you can "cast" on an abandoned island is a fishing line. Here, it's a way to get food (needed for each action), and small amounts of other resources.

Cast Dice

A dice minigame works as well, but how to get dice on an abandoned island? Catch cube-shaped boxfish, and throw those?
You can throw multiple dice, and a pair of the same symbol will give you a bonus. That's a good way to get more of the Magic resource.

Cast Iron

If the player is a magician, they can melt iron and pour it into a suitably shaped hole to create an object.
The holes are dug by mind-controlled worms, steered by a deck of magic cards – that makes this a bit of a puzzle.

If you make more items than fit your inventory, you can—wait for it—cast one away before making a new one!

Cast a Shadow

To get some attention, a castaway should write HELP in large, visible letters. In this case, the letters can be projected on a rock wall by a fire! Should be plenty visible at night.
That determines what knid of shaped you need to cast in iron: the letters H, E, L and P.

Cast Arcane Missile

And of course, one can cast magic spells! Teleporting would be easy, let's use something to attract attention.
(Originally, you were supposed to fish out a bottle with instructions, but I didn't have time to implement that. Please excuse the plot hole.)


Use your keyboard (only!):
  • SPACE / ENTER to select/advance/confirm
  • ESC / BACKSPACE to cancel/exit/undo
  • ARROWS to move (fishing, shadow)
  • NUMBERS to select (main menu, dice, iron, shadow)
  • LETTERS to select (shadow, item castaway)

The game saves state to a persistent JSON file, and will continue when re-started.
The location of the file is written to the console.

The Purrtectors (Rubber Duckies)

 You play as a house cat suddenly thrown out of his home. Stranded in an alley all alone, he must now fight his way through a hoard of cat-haters or die.

    You meet three more cats in the next level. You can control each of these cats and switch between them.

    Each cat has a set of special abilities



            Shoot single bullets


            Become invisible

            Sneak kill when invisible and near an enemy

            Shoot single bullets


            Heal a selected cat

            Throw grenades


            Shoot multiple rounds of bullets

            Has more health

        All cats can scratch to hurt enemies from a short distance