The “The Wind Award for user interface stability” Award

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>GRIDFLY< (janentikan)

IMPORTANT: If your butterfly moves way to fast and still want to play it like it's meant to be played, please re-download from

A pyweek love letter to Jeff Minter and Eugene Jarvis, being a loose combination of Gridrunner and Robotron 2084.
It was made in 4 days, spending the other days to help working on pollen.

  • Use the arrow keys or left analog stick to move your butterfly and destroy all evil snakeys.
  • Get the flower to activate your handy dandy flowerpower butterzapper.
  • Avoid the immortal Great Queen Spider.
  • Pull off super-combos by destroying an entire snakey from head to tail in one swoop.
  • Always try to shoot the heads or be punished with laser mines, score a fraction of points and ruin your combo.
  • Get an extra life every 25000 points.
  • Infinite levels!

Game made with Panda3d.
Models made with Blender
Music and sound-fx made with FLStudio
Anouncer lady made with balabolka and FLStudio

Let me know your highscore in the comments!