The “It's Metamorphin' Time!” Award

Presented by Cosmologicon to:

Caterpillar Effect (Caterpillar Effect)
Cause: Build a cocoon.
Effect: A butterfly hatches.

INSTALL & RUN (see README for details)

This game requires numpy, pyglet, and a few other small libraries; all listed in requirements.txt.
Developed on Python 3.7, so that's recommended, but 3.6 and 3.8 should work too. Please use a recent version of pip to install requirements.

Launch using the script.


Controls should be self-explanatory. A keyboard with arrows, numbers and Enter is enough; a mouse works for level selection.
Press F to go fulscreen; S to take a screenshot.


Don't play levels 1, 3 and 6.


I don't have a Windows machine available, so I didn't test there. Turns out that it doesn't work there.
As the rules say – if it crashes, it's on me. So you can mark it as "Failed to run". But if you'd still like to play the game on Windows, a fixed version is available on GitHub (link to archive). Thanks to claxo for sending be a backtrace and testing the fix!

If the window is resized or fullscreen, mouse doesn't work for level selection. (Also fixed on GitHub.)