The “Best Ant-Man origin story” Award

Presented by encukou to:

Queen of the Hill (#TODO)

The Team:

Group of students trying to make the best of quarantine.

The Description:

As queen of an ant colony, you have many responsibilities and decisions to make. Every action you take affects your colony, and, little do you know, the entire world. You are presented with choices to make, from entering an alliance with a nearby bee hive, to choosing to explore, to paying termites for protection. There will be tough decisions and trade-offs, but you can only hope you do what is best for your colony. After each season, newspapers brought in from the human world can show the true impact of your decisions and the ways you might end up changing the world as we know it.

The game ends when you follow one of 4 paths of decisions to one of 5 possible endings.

The Github:

Github Repo

(Running from source requires python3, pygame, and pygame_gui)

The Sound Attributions:

Button sound by Mike Koenig on SoundBible 

Altered, trimmed so it's only half of the button sound effect

Newspaper music by John Stracke on SoundBible

Altered, trimmed so only the first trumpet notes can be heard

Game music by