The “别具一格” Award

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Butterfly Destroyers! (PythonixCoders)
Butterfly Destroyers is a 2.5D/Parallax Arcade Shooter written with Pygame.  We hope you enjoy!

In the year 20XX, butterflies have started to overpopulate the Earth (a problem of the future that you wouldn't understand). It is up to humans, the only intelligent species in the world, to reduce the butterfly populations. But the butterfly army and their leader, "Big Butta", won't go without a fight! :O

How to Play


pip install -r requirements.txt
python ./

Or in a virtual environement :

git clone butterfly-destroyer
cd butterfly-destroyer
python -m venv .env
source .env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

The keyboard controls are simple :
  •  WASD or arrows to move
  •  Space or enter to shoot
  •  Shift to change weapons after unlock

But the game is better with a controler,
it was only tested with an Xbox controler
and there is no guarantee that it will work with
correct mappings on others.
  • Main sticks to move
  • A/B or RB/LB to shoot
  • X/Y to change weapons after unlock

One of the most important thing missing is
a way to select the level. If you quit the game and
want to start at a certain level, just pass the number of
the level to the command line. For instance:

python 4  # Any number between 1 and 7 included
python intro
python credits

Most of the game is done, but as the deadline approched,
we did not have enough time to make all the levels we wanted
and the last levels need a lot more love that they received.
Some of them were even abandoned in a hurry.
Let's have a minute of silence for them.

If you want to know what the rest of the game would
have looked like, you can check the scenario
and use your imagination to design good levels with well balanced
ButtaBombers and Flyers. Also imagine the final boss with nice
butterfly paterns.

CreditsShip graphic:

And thanks to the pyweek team for giving us the opportunity to
have such a wonderful week ! It was the first pyweek for each of us
and we will definitely do it again :D

thanks for playing