The “天真无邪” Award

Presented by xmzhang1 to:

BadWing (TwoPoint0)

* This is the PyWeek#29 version. For the latest go to

!!! If you encounter a sound problem try badwing-nosound-src instead !!!


Embark on an enchanting adventure as Larry the Lepodopterist AKA BadWing


2D Physics Skateboarding/Adventure Game using Arcade & Pymunk

Libraries Used

The Python Arcade Library:


Copyright Attributions

All assets except for the butterflies came from The Python Arcade Library. See their site for further copyright info

The original source for most of these assets can be found at

The butterflies can be found at: No attribution required


Consult for instructions on how to install and run this game


Movement:  WASD + arrow keys (press up to do an Ollie!)

Pause/Menu:  Escape key


This was my second  PyWeek competition since #6 way back in 2008. I entered one week before the competition when I found out I would be temporarily unemployed because of the Corona Virus epidemic and would have time to give it my full effort.  I'm so glad I did because I learned and accomplished so much!!!

Special thanks to @jtrip for being a friend and beta tester on the journey