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The Infinite Tower (The Infinite Tower)
About The Infinite Tower

Ever wanted to see what it's like to climb up a tower, for eternity? In the Infinite Tower, you can do just that and more! Fight enemies on each floor, collect gold and upgrades, and see how far you can ascend the tower before you die.

Python 3 Install

Note​: Contrary to my previous games, this games source code ONLY works in Python 3.

​Extract the .zip file and open the folder contained in it.

​To run it, have Python 3 (any 3.x version works) and Pygame 1.9.x installed (preferably pygame 1.9.6).

You can run it in the terminal by typing:


Windows Install

​​Note: Requires Windows XP or newer to run. (Not like anybody would try it on Windows 98, but I'll say it anyway.)

​​Extract the .zip file and open the folder contained in it. 

​Run the program ​main.exe​.

External Links

One More Thing...

​There was a font used in the game who's license I forgot to include, I'll leave a link here to the font and it's license:​