The “play again” Award

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Towers of Strength (coen)
Our game "Towers of Strength".

We created a twist on the classic tower defence game. The 'towers' along the route are there to help the runners, not hinder them. They are food and drink stations, and supporters. 

When runners get hungry, thirsty or discouraged they start to slow down. With lots of encouragement they speed up - but use more food, drink and will power. How quickly can you get the first fifteen runners over the finish line?

Currently with 3 different levels

Unfortunately one of us had some urgent business to take care off and didn't get a chance to contribute very much. So we didn't have as much person-power as we would have liked, and it has mostly been a solo effort

To run it, install requirements from requirements.txt, then python3

Drag the 'towers' into place. At the end of the third level the game just crashes out - I didn't have time to give it a proper ending

I've developed it on Linux, and made sure it also works on Windows

You can also find it at