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Derplings: Tower Ascent (The Over Engineers)
IMPORTANT: We saw that the requirements.txt was missing and there was a bug inside the map please use the following version if you test play the game:

Unfortunately there are some issues we couldn't fix in time, so please be aware of the following:
Known Issues:
 - When deleting a ladder it could happen that derplings fall of the ladder and die. Workaround: Wait until deprlings have reached a platform then delete the ladder.
 - On Stage 7: When placing the TNT on the destructible floor (red floor) make sure that no derplings are actually currently standing on the floor, as the destruction will cause the game to crash as derplings will have an orphaned reference to the platform.
 - The game won't actually tell you when the game is over, however the game is over when there are either no free derplings left or when all free derplings jump of the platform at the top of the tower.

# Derplings: The Ascent

Team: The Over Engineers
Members: macskay, saki, wkmanire, bitcraft
License: see LICENSE.txt

## Running the Game

Only python 3.6 or newer is supported.

* For linux, you need to make sure you have the python-dev packages available to build the wheel for planar
* For Windows install the requirements and run the game as described in Running the Game in a Virtual Environment. For the planar dependency the Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools are required. They can be downloaded at: There are also pre-built versions of planar downladable here:
* For Mac OS. Gee we sure hope this works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Use pip to install the dependencies in requirements.txt (as seen below)

then run


### Running the Game in a Virtual Environment

Make sure you create an environment with python >= 3.6. Then run

    python -m pip install -r requirements.txt



## How to Play the Game

Your goal is to get as many derplings you can to the top of the tower where they can parachute to safety. Use the items to help the derplings ascend the tower.

1. Left click on an item to place it
2. Right click to get out of item placement mode
3. Right click on placed items in the map to return them to your inventory
4. Don't let the derplings fall too far or they will explode
5. Up/Down Arrow to move camera