The “The "Mu" award for friendliness to beginner programmers.” Award

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Stacky Tower (The Rohirrim)
A father and son team. Our game is called Stack Tower.

Playing Stacky Tower

The game may be played from source or by using a pre-built Windows executable.

The easiest way to play from source is to use the Mu editor. Check out the Stacky Tower code from this repo (or extract a zip file) to your preferred location and open in Mu. Choose PyGame Zero from the Mode selection button and then click Play.

You can also simply extract the .zip file into a virtualenv, pip install pgzero==1.2 and run pgzrun

If you are running on a Windows platform you may opt to use a pre-built executable (stackytower.exe).

Game Play

The game opens to a menu. Follow the basic instructions for play within the game.

Custom Keyboard Layouts

If you use a non-QWERTY keyboard layout you'll need to play from source. You can edit the key mapping at the top of to suit your preferences.