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Roller Knight (Darn Yarn Lad)

A devilishly hard game of melee combat.

Copyright 2019 Daniel Pope and Larry Hastings


Ah, good, you're here! The prince is trapped at the top of the tower!

Please go rescue him!

You are a knight with a magic sword--but the sword only works when you're moving really fast! So you've strapped roller skates to your armor. The good news is now you can use your sword--the bad news is it can be hard to control when you're moving that fast!

Running Roller Knight



in the Roller Knight directory.

Make sure all the requirements are installed first!

If you're having framerate issues, you can turn off all particles with the --no-particles option. Sadly the game is way less pretty without particles, but it may help running the game on older machines. Just run it as 

python3 --no-particle

Also, you can specify which level you want to start at, as a single positional command-line argument. For example, to jump directly to level 6, you'd run 

python3 6

And to jump to level 10 of Endless mode, run

python3 "Endless 10"

Roller Knight support keyboard controls (WASD) and joysticks.

Simply move in the direction you want to go; your Roller Knight will rotate to face that direction.

When you're moving fast enough, your sword will glow! This creates a sort of arc of protection directly in front of you, which you can see.

So you'll be safe as long as the bad guys--or the bullets--are directly in front of you. But watch out for bad guys crowding in on the sides!

You can also fire off bombs, with the space bar or joypad button.

But you only have a limited number of bombs! Although you can occasionally pick up extra bomb powerups.


Roller Knight was written using the excellent new wasabi2d.

Release History


  • Added invisible walls around the whole level to close up gaps, preventing monsters from spawning there, and hopefully also preventing the player from warping there when the framerate tanks.
  • Fixed bug: pressing the space bar always started a new game.
  • Added --no-particles command-line option.


  • Initial release.