The “Connect the dots” Award

Presented by saluk to:

Enter The String (Solo Foo)
First solo entry. Competed with team in prior challenges, but just don't have enough time for the meeting up, collaboration, etc. this go round.
Snip. (Snip.)
A game about the Moirea. Atropos to be specific.
Wikipedia on the Moirae
P4 (P4 - Python Pyrates from
This is the team from, formerly known as HITHS, and still sometimes known as that XD
abg5 (Awesome Block Game 5: Quadrangles of fury.)
First I started with a mario galaxy 2d type game, abandoned that, started a puzzle game, ran into a big problem, had to code around it to avoid that. I didn't get as many difficult or fun elements in my game as I wanted but I'm happy with it. Also, if you run python2.4, you need to define the all() function as it's builtin for 2.5.