The “The Kermit Award for the Promotion of Frog Related Lifestyles and Interests” Award

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What The Frog?! (The Dan Show)

A game of frogs and flies.

QWE/ASD are your six jump directions - but you can use each one only once! You can jump at any time - on the ground, air or water.

  • In easy mode, hold a key to enter slow mo, jump when the key is released.
  • In normal mode, jump instantly.
Collect all the flies and fish on each level. Butterflies and goldfish replenish all your jumps.

Downward jumps will pretty much do nothing if you're standing on a flat surface, but will be useful in the air or water. They're also a bit faster than the upward jumps.

Don't worry about timing your jumps based on where the flies are. Just worry about timing your jumps. Your tongue will catch them if you get close enough.