The “Very challenging” Award

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Two Worlds - A Game About The Game Called Two Worlds (Two Wolds Project)
A short game.
Contrast (Team-AbstractAndroid)

In contrast, you play as 0x, a lone creature in a monochrome, industrial world.

While traversing through the game, you have the power to "Flip" the background, making some objects interactable, and some uninteractable.

For example, a White Block in a black background would be interactable, but a black block in a black background would be uninteractable, and vice versa.

This is all to collect the elusive RGB Sphere, the only color in the melancholy world.

Work your way through 15 challenging levels, using the mechanics and obstacles to obtain the RGB sphere and bring color to this world.

Main Programmer: Pygasm
Artist: Smeaton

Source can also be found at:

Requires python 3.x and pygame.


Jim's Big Win (Jumbi)

Made in Python3

run "" to play game using python 3


Arrow Keys Used for navigation and moving Jim

Space Bar is used to move through story

Game Summary:

Jim wins Big


Music drawings code made by speedlimit35

code voice acting made by kylerchin


First pygame no experience at all :(  But we thought it would be fun so we are doing it.



#嗨嗨嗨 歡迎光臨 this is our pyweek 25 game Made By kylerchin and speedlimit35 artwork and music made by speedlimit35 voice acting bu kylerchin

made with python 3 and pygame

Download our pre-compiled packages on the releases page (totally nonezz virus)

Build from source

First, download all the requirements pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Run the program! python3

To self package: pyinstaller