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`python3` to run

# `***PS if you want to skip the boss fight, press ENTER***`

B Ball Tomb (kfc)
# b-ball Tomb pyweek 27 READ README # info
This is a game about real life... code, art, music by me
b ball... press **R** to reset position
you must become the ultamate baller... **space** when on a chest to open it
press **space** and **6** when needed requirements to run `pygame, python3`
The Desert and the Sea (mit-mit-25) "The Desert and the Sea" is a 3D exploration and adventure game set across two parallel worlds. As a cast away on a small tropical island, you encounter mysterious artefacts that provide links to a parallel world: to get back home you need to venture across time and space.

Requires pygame, numpy and PyOpenGL

Windows users installing PyOpenGL: see installation notes in readme.txt.

Playthrough Video:

Game Website: