The “kivy master” Award

Presented by xmzhang1 to:

World of a Man Gone Mad (El Ganador)

NEWER VERSION AVAILABLE (much smaller file size + personal records added + minor bug fix)

A Stealth / Bullet Hell / Story game.

I kidnap you and make you play my game and your goal is to escape. 

There are many different endings and 9 items to collect throughout them

It is really hard at first, but take some time in challenge mode and you'll get it i promise

I really hope to see some speedruns!!!  

BIG WINNER ending 9/9 items. Do it in under 3 minutes and i'll be impressed XD

source requires (python 2.7, kivy, and pymunk)

(not tested on python 3)

I really hope the exe works for you guys. For me, there's a little error dialogue box that shows up when you start it. I just click ok and it seems to work fine.

Controls are:

WASD - Move

SPACE - Shoot


ESC - Pause / Return to Menu / Leave Game (not recommended)