The “I been framed I tell ya!” Award

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No Entry (xm24)
I packaged my game into .apk file, so you can install it on Android device. However, it is not perfect, maybe a lot of bugs :) Say sorry about it, I suggest you installed the kivy (official site) and then run my source code :) To run the game, download the zip file here, or try from my github then unzip the file and run I promised it is less buggy.

Well, I do not package it successful for windows, hard to say linux, macos, ios, etc. I am new to kivy, even I have used it for half a year, and I really know nothing about packaging.

About the game itself, it is a tower defense game, just drag towers on the map, I think it is not hard to play, and I really want to get your comment or suggestions about my game.

Good luck to all of you, my entry is 'No Entry', hope you will enjoy it ^ v ^

bugs on android I have found:

1 No chinese language, if press the 'EN' button at left corner at Title Screen, it exit, just crash. I do not know why.

2 No video, after Title Screen, no video played, only the texts shows. probable need ffpyplayer.

I have to say that I make a big mistake, the android system bar is at the top, so it is very hard to operate the towers, it will be activated, and also the button is too small to operation, pad would be better, but most people would use phones :(