The “Best secret agent... in space!” Award

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HackerBot (mit-mit pyweek24)
The “HackerBot”: the cybernetic tool of a secret society bent on world domination through the theft of valuable data from rival organisations (they’re behind everything!). 

"HackerBot" is a 3D stealth game in which you control a little hacking robot trying to break into a space-based installation and steal data. You can "hack" into (and take control of) more powerful NPCs in order to help complete objectives (hence you're behind everything!).

Requires pygame, numpy and PyOpenGL (sorry, needed for 3D).

Windows users installing PyOpenGL: see installation notes in readme.txt.

BUG FIX: Updated source distribution and Windows version contain a bug-fix and remove unnecessary dependance on GLUT.

Playthrough Videos:

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Part 2 of 2:

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