The “Beware of DerpCat :D” Award

Presented by gummbum to:

Rodentopia (OrionDark7)

        Rodentopia is a game about a colony of mice living inside a pantry, starving, dying and cold.

        One day, they devise an evil plan to take over the kitchen of this random guys house (For now, we'll call him JerMajesty Jackson, son of Jermaine Jackson.). They then set out on an epic adventure where they conquer the distant realms of far off lands (ex: The Fridge, The Cabinet, The Bag of Oreos that your parents put just high enough so it's out of your reach). They do this all for a good purpose, of course, to feed their starving colonists. They then must defeat the Guardian of the Kitchen World, THE CAT.

        Oh and guess what, you get to be the mice, hiding behind, yes, that's right, EVERYTHING! Every cabinet, every drawer, every bag of Oreos, anything you can imagine!

Disclaimer: I'm a weird person, so don't judge me...