The “the sequel is even better than the original” Award

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cANT2: The Hidden Threat (codogupywk24)
The story of a man and his chips, and the vermin who would come between them. When the gloves come off, baby, it's mano a mandible.

Audio performance
Please see the note in README.txt about temporarily disabling the sound card's audio enhancements. This very brief guide is meant to improve the listening experience with pygame (SDL).

Tuning and hacking
  • Some settings are provided for ease of tuning and testing. See README.txt for some details. These variables are found in the Tunables section near the top of
  • The master volume is maxed. If you want to lower it choose a value below 1.0.
  • If the dark levels bother you, adjust the ambient color tuple, higher values for more light. Or set it to None for full lighting (potentially helpful if the dark levels run too slow on your computer).
  • If you want to reduce or increase the difficulty of the boss level (5) there are a few variables provided.
  • The hero stops walking in order to use his weapons. This is a design decision. We implemented strafing, but we thought it was overpowering so we disabled it in the final release. The default behavior is significantly more challenging and requires greater tactical thinking. If you want to enable strafing set the variable to True.
  • Fullscreen option is provided in, but not tested.
  • Custom display resolution is not tested. It is safe to predict it will not scale the space correctly.
  • The various entity templates can be tweaked. But who would wanna do that? :)
  • The various font themes can be tweaked.
  • See the note in README.txt for startup_context and startup_level. These are provided for quick access to game areas, like oh, the boss level. :)
  • You can design your own levels by editing the levels list in There is already a dev-sandbox level #6. You can get quick access to additional levels by setting startup_context and startup_level in If you post your Python code for a challenge level in the comments we will try it. :D