The “Rock and Roll in the Stars” Award

Presented by assertivist to:

Lunar Patrol (One Man Show)
The Story

Martin and Roger on their daily patrol around space station "Lunar 1". Never knowing what could happen today. Sometimes meteroids, sometimes space pirates, sometimes both. Due to limited resources on ammunition, oxygen and fuel, they have always to take care how far they can go when in struggle. In the worst case they have to decide between the lesser of two evils: A colliding maneuver with an enemy to drag at least this last enemy still into death or staying alive in space avoiding any collision until all resources on board are exhausted. 


  • 800x600 resolution  - should be suffiicient even on older monitor ;-)
  • retro-style graphics with several colors
  • amazing sound effects and ambient music
  • smoothest text scrolling effects
  • parallax starfield background
  • event triggered power-ups and additional enemy appearance
  • supports keyboard only, no additional controller needed :)
  • 5-keys-only control
  • Score and HiScore keeping
  • graphical ammunition stock display 
  • hand-made from scratch in Germany :-)

Video Preview


soon on GitHub



Have fun, and thank you for judging :-)