The “Classic arcade throwback” Award

Presented by Unicorn Markets to:

The Final Choice (Universe Factory 23)
Shoot-em-up bullet hell meets Mass Effect. Play as a starship captain faced with a series of unpalatable dilemmas: help people you find along the way and potentially jeopardize your own quest, or leave them to their fate. This game is much shorter than our typical entries, designed to be played multiple times. Features three endings (bad, good, and best).

See the README for details about options like setting the resolution, graphics level, and gameplay orientation. See help.png for info on your ship's features.

Wing Craft (xmzhang)
"The Lesser of Two Evils", well, two choice, I prefer cricket (high damage low speed) to locust (high speed low damage), also I prefer beam weapon (high weapon damage low moving speed) to wide weapon (high moving speed low weapon damage), and you? ^v^

ESC for Quit

{ 1P: 5 for coin, 1 for start, WSAD for directions, JK for button A B,

  2P: 6 for coin, 2 for start, arrow key for directions, num 1,2 for button A B}

And also in title page, press Tab key to set you own buttons

Hope you enjoy it, any comment and suggestions are welcomed! ^ v ^