The “Shadowy Villain Award” Award

Presented by sjbrown to:

Legends of Kiralia: Shadows Dawn (Legends of Kiralia: Shadows Dawn [by Team zahmeKatzen])

Seven Centuries ago Felimon, Lord of the Shadows, was banned from Kiralia and trapped in the Sphere of Chaos. The portal to this sphere is located in a magically enforced chest, tightly wrapped up in more magically enforced string - all just to make sure that Felimon will never ever set a claw on the surface of Kiralia.

But some days ago, the magical string was destroyed into several pieces, considerabily weakening the lock on the chest, making it even possible for Felimon to escape if he notices it in time. Only one piece of the magical string was found nearby the open chest and the Order chose you to retrieve the other pieces.
It is known that those pieces will set themselves together if piled on each other, enabling the Order to retain the once powerfull lock as soon as all pieces of the magical string are back in the Orders hand.

But you have to hurry - every day that passes increases the possibility that Felimon will sense the weakness of his prison and might try to leave it...