The “cяεερy αητs” Award

Presented by xmzhang1 to:

You cANT let him in here (DRummb0ID)
Your home has become a war zone. If you conserve your very limited resources carefully, you just might make it. Air being one of them - make sure you take a breath in between the relentless, frantic waves of enemy incursions.

Forget the mess, clean up is for later. Get in the fight! You cAN'T let 'em in here! :)

P.S. - There is a potentially very LOUD alarm during game play. We tried to soften the volume to a safe hearing level. Just to be safe, please don't play this with headphones on; or do so cautiously, until you're sure of the alarm's sound level. This is the alarm when the hopper is full (the orange canister).

P.P.S. - You'll have a better audio experience if you turn off dynamic EQ in your soundcard's settings. Especially voice and volume levelers, and dynamic sound shaping. You can adjust the sfx and music master volumes in (0.0 ≤ vol ≤ 1.0).

P.P.P.S - See the diary below for tips, spoilers and amusing commentary.

There's a post-pyweek bug fix here. You want to get it to avoid frustration. See diary entry "Critical bug #1".