The “Most Obedient Photons” Award

Presented by paperstarships to:

Ookoobah (Latitude XI)

A puzzle/dexterity game about a photon lost inside a quantum computer. Your goal is to guide the photon to the terminal pad after activating eight 1-bit flip-flops. But the photon is very elusive and cannot be directly controlled. And hence you are given a set of block of various types that effect the photon's direction in some way.


The game is mainly controlled via mouse. Pick a block type from the menu on the left-hand side and place into the game field using a left mouse button. To delete a placed block, right click on it. If you use touch-pad, you may find left click + Shift or numeric keyboard key more handy. You cannot delete a level block, one that you did not place yourself.

Includes a level editor.

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