The “Gave me goosebumps” Award

Presented by superjoe to:

Nine Disasters (Scav and Threads)
An evil cult seeks to summon the nine disasters and resurrect their dark god to destroy the world. Nine generations of your family must thwart each summoning at a terrible cost to themselves. Unfortunately only three of the disasters are featured in-game due to time constraints and bad planning.
Forever End (Mop and Bucket)

Forever End is about the aftermath of a devastating impact by a mysterious artifact, which fractured time in three areas of the planet. In each level, three time periods are starting to merge together, and you must shift between them to reach your goal of finding pieces of the mysterious artifact, and uncover what it was that crashed into Earth.

Throughout the game, you'll have to figure out how to make use of the conditions and items of each time period to accomplish your goals and progress through the level. It's like an old-style game where you must explore and figure it out. The game will not tell you what to do.

Each time period is meant to have its own atmosphere, while staying in the theme of the level (though, there is much room for improvement here). You'll see fluctuations from the time distortions as parts of the other time periods flicker in and out of your active time period. This brings a sort of frantic atmosphere to the game as you know things "just aren't right."

This is a solo entry, and my first PyWeek!


  • Solve levels by platforming and using items across time periods.
  • In each level, there's a flotaing yellow artifact you need to pick up.
  • Arrow keys to move, space bar to jump/hover.
  • Shift activates the tractor beam to pick up items.
  • 1, 2 and 3 keys for shifting to alternate time periods in the same level.

There are a few debug modes:

  • F2 - Coordinates and FPS.
  • F3 - Bounding boxes and event boxes.
  • F4 - God mode. Cannot die, and can fly forever.
  • F5 - Switch to next level.