The “Most disturbing scream” Award

Presented by Woodwolf to:

LAWN: Terror From The Green (LAWN: Terror From The Green)
A lighthearted tactical stealth game for the theme "Get off my lawn!", LAWN:TFTG puts you in control of a group of young children on a mission to rescue their football.

Tips to players:

Tip 1: Click on stars on the map to start missions.

Tip 2: If you only have 1 non-panicked kid left, restart the mission by pressing SHIFT-R. There's no penalty for retrying.

Tip 3: Distraction is key. The elderly turn towards sources of sound. Even if they heard something, another sound can divert their attention again.

Tip 4: Kids can move off the lawn while others can't.

Download Mac OS X disk image

Download Windows executable

Download source (platform-independent)

(These links are for the post-competition version 1.5.)

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