The “Kill Em All!” Award

Presented by Macarse to:

Lawn of the Dead (Lawn of the Dead [by Team zahmeKatzen])

You are Sir Grumpy McGrumpington, veteran of the Sheep Wars, and you just want to peacefully enjoy your retirement on your very own stone cottage near a village in Scottland. You are very proud of your superb lawn - you invested a lot of time into it and nobody else in Northern Scottland owns a better one. Maybe not even on the whole British Isles.

But sadly, your plans on peaceful retirement are futile. Something bad happened - Media reports an infection or something else - and everyone seems to turn into a flesh eating half dead half undead beast. You could care less, but just some moments ago those filthy monsters trespassed your lot and are now stomping and scuffling on your precious lawn!

So be it! Grab your old and trustworthy Winchester shotgun and show these undead rowdies what you think of their behaviour!