The “What is going on here?” Award

Presented by shundread to:

Wibbly-Wobbly the Canine Screwdriver (Door Handle Team)
All of a sudden, the Gods have started to communicate
with screwnineanity using a previously unknown language!

They are clearly commanding you to do something,
but what?

open (george)
A second try with PyWeek.
Bregma (Bregma)

A philosophical game about life... Will Pragma be able to recover from the loss of her prized cat Bregma? Can she save her remaining kittens from the neighborhood children? Will her azalea bushes grow in this drought?!

Instructions for playing:

W-A-S-D: Moves Pragma Around
Left Mouse: Sprays hose

Spray 33% of the azalea bushes to start the game!!

Suburbia! (24-7 Donkeys)
NOTE: Rated T for Teen (swearing, descriptions of violence)

We took the theme "Get Off My Lawn" and tried to dig deep into the mentality of the kind of person that would say such a thing - what is "Get off my lawn!" really about? It's about someone who is unhappy with his life and is taking it out on others. It's about trying to control that little rectangle you feel ownership over, amid forces that are ultimately beyond your control. It's about dissatisfaction. It's about aging. It's about ennui.

We found that it was pretty hard to make a game about ennui. But we consider it a success.