The “Innovative File Structuring” Award

Presented by shundread to:

Kettling (Wibble)
(Note - the above files (If viewing this on the list of all games.) are the code for the full version - you will need a computer with panda 3D installed to use this. On the download page there are Windows installers for convenience. The lite version is for lower spec. computers as the full version is very demanding.)

A protest simulation - you control the police in a simple (But deceptively tricky) RTS and kettle some protesters. Kettling is a term that reached prominence recently when used by the police at the G20 demonstrations in London - it refers to trapping a group of protesters in an area and not letting them leave, for any reason. The only way to leave early is to suffer a medical emergency, or suffer a medical emergency because you can't leave in the first place to get medicine.
Bregma (Bregma)

A philosophical game about life... Will Pragma be able to recover from the loss of her prized cat Bregma? Can she save her remaining kittens from the neighborhood children? Will her azalea bushes grow in this drought?!

Instructions for playing:

W-A-S-D: Moves Pragma Around
Left Mouse: Sprays hose

Spray 33% of the azalea bushes to start the game!!

Lawn Defender (3E and T. ( The Furlaans) )
2 programmers and 1 artist.This is our first pyweek.We are still in highschool so we have a just a few time.We hope to finish our project in time.