The “Sort the pretty colors!” Award

Presented by saluk to:

People and Planes (People and Planes)
Once upon a time, there was this green man who enjoyed Pyweeks. Unfortunately, this time, he was plagued with unexpected problems and at the last day, he realized what he had wouldn't work. So, looking that he had only 8 hours left for the deadline, he decided to go out for a walk instead of finishing his entry. He climbed a giant ladder and sat on a cloud. From the top of the cloud, he saw many little colored people waving to the air. From the view above, he also saw several colored planes flying around. It was very obvious that the little colored people wanted to get in their respective colored planes. And so he remembered he had a piece of string from Pyweek, so stuck his hand on the cloud and let one end of the string drop so the little colored people could grab the string to get on their planes. And, so, his quest began to put the little colored people in the little colored planes...

Please read README.txt for instructions, but all you need to know is that you move with arrow keys and have to put colored people in planes of the same color. Sorry for the lack of polish/sound/intro/ingame-instructions.