The “Commodore 64 platformer award” Award

Presented by saluk to:

Mutant Radioactive Kittens (Mutant Radioactive Kittens)

As expected, I didn't have as much time to work on this as I'd hoped. Here's what is supposed to be the premise:

You have been kidnapped by a mad scientist and must escape his facility. However, his mutant radioactive kittens stand in your way! You must collect bits of string in order to distract the kittens and make your escape. If you have enough string, you can also braid it into rope for climbing down at certain parts.

As it stands, you can pick up string but it can't actually do anything with it. Also, the kittens don't move. Basically, to beat the level, all you have to do is not touch any kittens and get to the door. It is possible to climb up and down existing ropes, however.