The “The Super Rocket award for the best rocket fight game (individual)” Award

Presented by PyNon to:

Galactic Harvesters (Dark Matter)

Galactic Harvesters: The Canister Crusade

For those who'd rather not run the software from the source, I've uploaded separate binaries for Windows. Additionally, I've bundled the embedded-python-zip alongside the source, and provided shortcuts to launch the game with various options. Rest assured, there's no compiled code from my side. (I did not mark it final so you have to click on the title to see all files)

While instructions for running the software from source are documented in the README, I'll reiterate them here for your convenience:

Installation & Setup:

To install the necessary packages:

pip install -r requirements.txt

For Linux users:

sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev libopenal-dev
pip install modernal==0.9.0

To launch the game:


Command Line Arguments:

--no-fullscreen: Launch the game in windowed mode.
--no-audio: Mute the game audio.

Game Controls Without a Mouse:

Move: W A S D

Turn: Q E

Shoot: CTRL

However, I strongly recommend playing with a mouse, as it offers a vastly different and immersive experience.

Additional Tip:

If you find yourself wanting to explore all the ships but don't want to grind through the game, feel free to modify the score.txt.

Deleting it will reset the game. Enjoy!


In the year 3077,
the Milky Way Galaxy is in the midst of an energy crisis.

The primary source of energy, a rare crystalline element called "Dark Matter" is nearing depletion.
Dark Matter is primarily stored in canisters that have been scattered throughout space over centuries
due to space wars, trading routes, and exploration mishaps.

Captain Neil Starbreaker is the fearless pilot of the spacecraft "Nebula Harvester".
Neil used to be a space pirate but has since reformed after witnessing
the dire effects of the energy crisis on his home planet, Noverra.

Join Captain Starbreaker on the "Nebula Harvester" and help save the galaxy.