The “"Most Awards Given" Award” Award

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RegEx Express (Team R.E.X.)

"Choo choo!"

All aboard the RegEx Express, where we be learnin' things and parsin' strings! Using curses and verses we'll be mixing humor and rhyme with good-ol'-fashioned ascii graphics.

So join us back on the track -- the choo choo track -- and it's full steam ahead on this string bling fling!

Threadbare (Century of the Fruitbat PyWeek 7 Crack Think Tank Game Developers Extroardinaire)
Bringing games kicking and screaming into the Century of the Fruitbat. Never holding their hand and showing them the way politely.

I dream of string is an oldschool puzzle adventure game, where your quantity of string and how you use it is of the utmost importance. Help an unnamed string-based lifeform reclaim favor from his people after they kicked him out for being too short. Your quantity of string is used to solve puzzles, which ramp from very easy to fiendishly difficult.