The “Arcade Awesome!” Award

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Dark matter keeper (Multifac)

In a universe powered by DARK MATTER...

Welcome to another bullet hell.

You are a grizzled space marine. Thought you could retire, eh? Well, no profit brooding over this dark matter. Once a grizzled space marine always a grizzled space marine. Embrace the suck. Separated from your fighter squad during a dangerous mission, you must get out of enemy territory with all your assets still intact. Against overwhelming odds - naturally - wherever you find yourself, make it to the exit portal. May you live to boast about it beside the quaint retro diesel fire back at the cantina. We would disavow all knowledge, but what's the point? One glance makes it're Marine. Move out!

P.S. - There are seven levels of HELLLL. About 45 seconds each. See readme for tips, cheats, and debugs. Gluk, soldier!

P.S.2 - WE WON