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Shadow Boy (mit-mit)
A shady underground research laboratory conducting shady experiments has developed ... Shadow Boy! Able to leap across large unlit distances and soar through the night sky! But Shadow Boy is tired of his life locked in the lab, so switch those lights off and get your platforming A-game ready!

Requires: Pygame and Pymunk (tested on Pygame 2.0.1, Pymunk 6.2.1)


  • In the latest version of pygame (or version 2.2.0+), lights and electric hazards render incorrectly across the screen when they go too far to the left (works fine in pygame 2.0.0 and 2.1.0): you can fix by either (a) "pip install pygame==2.1.0" or (b) by adding one line of code in two locations: at line 56 of src/, and at line 65 of src/, add: "if p[0] < 0: return" (Thanks Cosmo for picking this up! ... and unfortunately didn't get a chance to fix it before deadline :( ) ...

Game Playing Notes:

  • Controls are explained in-game: uses the arrow keys, space and x.
  • Once in-game, press ESC to pause: you can reset the level from the pause screen if you need to

Playthrough (Contains Spoilers!):