The “GENERAL award” Award

Presented by speedlimit35 to:

shadow monster (chrisyan2000)

**the source version is OP numbers, in set the following four numbers will change it to normal mode:

self.starting_energy = 2

self.attack = 10

self.current_hp = 50

self.max_hp = 50

Thank you sid for letting me know about this**

**It's possible for windows defender to flag the exe version as dangerous since it's complied using pyinstaller, please download and play source version or watch the walkthrough video on youtube if you are concerned about it. The game does not make or read any files other than its assets**

A strategy turn based game where you get stronger by defeating enemies

The shadow monster

You are a shadow monster that has been asleep in the cave

A group of intruders came to claim your bounty

Defeating them all is the only option, but the hope is grim, they are too strong

However you are in the shadows, take advantage of that and get out alive


exe version:

  • download the normal version or OPVersion(you start will super high HP and Attack), run main.exe

source version:

  • download the source zip, install pygame that that's all you'll need


If you find the game confusing, feel free to play the OP version instead to start with exceptional HP and Attack

Or you can also watch the walkthrough:

There is a known bug that if both of you and the enemy die together, you will die immediately in the next battle after first action(negative hp)

Controls & Battle System:

  • [W] [A] [S] [D] to move, hover cursor on enemies and yourself to check power levels
  • During battle, you can "attack"(costs 1 energy), "defend"(protect you from damage this turn), "rest"(gain 1 energy), "finisher"(spend 5 energies for a powerful move)
  • Some attacks cannot be blocked, such as "smite"